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Business Bond

You've heard the old saying, "Your word is Your bond" This should be your mantra in life but especially in your business. Just recently someone asked me why it is that Home Inspectors are always early but so often other contractors are late or worse, never show up. My reply was simple, if I am on time I am late. I've been like that most of my life and I make sure to practice that in my business because my customers deserve nothing less. Home Inspectors are trained to arrive 30 minutes early because it gives time to work on preliminary information so that at the time the inspection they are ready to go. I have been on the receiving end of contractors showing up late and not even bothering to call to let me know, it's frustrating. I believe if you are going to be late for any reason, that at the very least you call your customer and let them know why. It could be traffic, or vehicle issues, family problems, whatever the case, you owe that to your paying customer. People work hard for their money and deserve to have the best their money can buy. You may be technically qualified, have a vast amount of knowledge and skill but if your customers cannot rely on you to keep your word, what good are you? No matter how much technical skill and knowledge you may possess, people will remember how they were treated by you and if you kept your word or not. I cannot control what other businesses do or how they treat their customers but I sure know what I can do, Keep My Word! In the end its really all you have, so if you are a business owner and want to be successful, then do so by keeping your word to your customers.

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