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Human Too

Now more than ever it is so important to take ownership for your mistakes, because the fact is we are all human. For years I worked for in the medical field where I witnessed first hand people not accepting personal and professional ownership for their errors and attitudes. This was mainly from Doctors who believed they were above all that, they never made mistakes and it was reflected in their God complex attitude. Now I am not saying all Doctors are like that, but honestly in 15 years I only saw less than a handful of Doctors admit to being wrong, let alone apologizing for the way they treated me and other staff as well. What has all this to do with Home Inspection? Well, regardless of your profession, we should all own up to our mistakes and do our best to make things right. For me as a Home Inspector I do my very best to give my customers an honest, unbiased, and accurate report, but I am human too and I can miss things if I am not careful. The proper response is to admit that mistake and to correct it not only for my customers, but also for me so I can become a better Inspector. This is called Service Excellence, not Service Perfection, this is what I bring to the table for my customers. For so many years I have worked for companies that do not embody this attitude, its all about making a buck and to heck with the customer. I have seen this also in Home Inspection, the Inspector gets paid and moves on with no follow up with the customer, or may not be willing to come back and report on something they may have missed free of charge. Now most Home Inspectors are great and they have this attitude, but like any profession there are a few bad seeds. When I founded my company this year I did so with Service Excellence as the forefront in my mind, I refuse to give my customers anything less. However, I'm human too and sometimes make mistakes but my promise to my customers is that if I miss something I will return free of charge and report on what I missed, that is why I have an addendum form for just such occurrences. Bottom line, take ownership of your mistakes, learn from them and grow into a better human being, you owe to yourself, your customers and anyone else you come into contact with. I absolutely love my job now, something I was unable to say for so many years. Being the CEO of my company has its challenges, but now I finally get to treat my clients the way they should be treated, with Service Excellence, have a blessed day.

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