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Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything because that is exactly where my life is at this moment in time. For the last 40 years I have labored like most Americans, at a job to provide for my family and myself. This is an honorable thing to do but for me I did not really grasp the concept of working for myself till much later in life unlike many young entrepreneurs. However, for the last two years I've caught the bug and can honestly say I've never been happier. The freedom that comes from being self-employed and financially stable where you map out a plan for your future instead of just being on auto-pilot is exhilarating. Why you may ask? Because every morning I get to wake up and decide where, when, and how I want to work. Where depends on my Customers needs, and the territory I decide to work in. When, also depends on my Customers needs but also if I need a day off I can schedule that without asking permission. How depends on how I run my business, for me that is the most important, Service excellence. Some people say that Faith and Business are separate and you should not mix the two, but I say Faith and Business go hand in hand, at least for me. Every Home Inspection I perform I do so with the intent as if I am doing it for the Lord Himself, that means the Customer gets the very best from me, I leave nothing to chance. There is no shortage of people willing to cut corners and do services strictly for the money, every customer deserves nothing less than excellence. Now, getting back to timing, I wish I had learned this many years ago but I guess I just wasn't ready and I never really had someone come beside me to show me all this. This is where the timing part and mentoring come in. I am now supplementing my Home Inspection business with another business that allows me a little more financial freedom to help mentor young people who may be just starting out in their careers and family to go down that better path that I wish someone had done for me years ago. If can help young people succeed in both freedom and fiancés and learn these lessons far sooner than I did, well then that would be a huge blessing for me. As a Christian whatever I do for work is my ministry, I was not called to preach from a pulpit but to help everyone I come into contact with in my daily life and if that is you and you want a better way to make a living, let's talk. For all others especially around my age, it's not too late, again, that's where the timing comes in. If you've got the desire to build an amazing future where you can not only provide for yourself, but help others along the way, then you're my kind of people. "Better late than never" is my new motto and I am living proof thats it"s not too late.

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