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Expensive Ethics

When it comes to standing up for what you know is right, often there is no conflict, but on occasion there will be a time when it can cost you. Case in point, I recently had a situation where a client received a quote from me for an inspection, however he decided to go with a different inspector because he basically wanted me to give a report that would favor him getting a lower price for the property, in essence wanted me to lie. He knew that I did not use inflammatory or scary language in my reports and therefore went with with another company that would, even though I could offer a better price. This encounter cost me a hefty some of money all because I refused to compromise. I could easily have told him I would write whatever he wanted me to and get a paycheck, but at what cost? Sure I could have gotten paid but what about the seller? Then the seller would suffer, ie, lose money on the sale because I wrote a false report. At first I was angry because quite frankly I despise dishonest people, but then I realized that this was probably a good thing not to get this job. If you are willing to compromise in one area, then it becomes another and another until your whole life is a lie. I would rather go to my grave penniless with my integrity than live without it. In business especially, we as Entrepreneurs have a duty to our customers to ALWAYS do the the right thing, even if it means losing money. As a Christian I have another and more important obligation to my Lord Jesus Christ, I do my work as if I am doing it for the Lord Himself, should I do less or do I owe Him less or my customers? Regardless of your beliefs, you should always strive to be honest in your business and give your customers what they deserve, wouldn't you want that done for you? There are far too many business and people out there that are more than willing to compromise for a buck, just look at DC! If you are in the Real Estate business whether it be an Agent, Inspector, Appraiser, Mortgage, etc, do the right thing and if you cannot, then get out and let honest people take your place. If you're a potential client of mine and you want me to write a biased report, then please find another Inspector, Rising Tide Home Inspection doesn't need or want you. However, if you want a Home Inspector that will provide you a clean, concise, and unbiased report, then you are the type of client I am looking for. "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom" Thomas Jefferson.

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