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Fall is RIGHT around the corner.

With Fall coming quicker than you can image, it is time to start getting your home ready for the Fall-Time weather. Just as you are getting warmer clothes and water-proof boots, your home needs some attention too. Here are 10 tips to help get you home ready for colder weather:

  1. Landscape the yard, and prune as needed. This will keep moisture away from your home.

  2. Pressure wash and treat exterior. In the PNW, rain is coming so protect your investment.

  3. Seal the deck, fix gates, and store or cover outdoor furniture. Again, protect your investments

  4. Clean gutters and downspouts. With rain coming you want to ensure that it is moving off your roof and away from your house. Also, check the roof for any loose or missing shingles. This can be an entry spot for water.

  5. Inspect windows, doors, weatherstripping and time. Without a good seal you could be losing heat, which can raise your electric bill.

  6. Check the heating system, chimney, and fireplace. Ensure that these all working in good order before the cold hits. It might be easier to get them repaired while there is not a demand for services.

  7. Prep the plumbing and drainage systems. Make sure pipes are wrapped and drains are clear.

  8. Inspect the insulation and ventilation. Not enough insulation will cause your heating bill to go up.

  9. Guard against unwanted pests. Make sure that entry points to the underside of your home are sealed up, so that you don't have a family of raccoons living with you and causing damage.

  10. Handle minor repairs. It is easier to fix items when the weather is nice.

If you have any questions, Contact Rising Tide Home Inspections at Rising Tide 2020 LLC and see what our inspector can help you with. He can look at the roof and crawlspaces so you don't have to.

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